We manufacture and sell a variety of products,
Trophies, Cups, Ornaments, Plaques, Leather Products, Miniatures, Commemorative items, Promotional Products,
Novelty items, Trial Products, Point-of Sale Displays, Made-to-order items, Metal Products, Crystal
Products, Plastic Products, Onyx Processing Products

About Material

We select the best material and respond to various customer needs,
Antimony metal, Aluminum casting, Brass casting, Acrylic, Crystal, Various Types of Leather.
Our high quality products have enjoyed an excellent reputation since 1949

About Casting Types

Sand Mold Casting, Lost-Wax Casting for precision casting
Die Casting for large volume production
Rubber Casting for small volume production
Metal Mold Casting by Antimony for small quantity, large variety

The main customers

The main customers
SHOEI industrial incorporated company
5-2-3, Yahiro, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 131-0041
April, 1949
December, 1959